Today, businesses have more choices than ever for technology to improve business and IT. The accuracy, speed and precision of IT systems means the difference between winning or losing customers, keeping supply chains profitable, and solidly translating new concepts into revenue-producing products and services.

In the last few years, several new technological advances such as big data, business analytics, mobile technology, business and social collaboration, cloud computing, social media and many more, are offering organizations significant competitive advantages.

Its extremely important for any organization to adopt this Digital Business Transformation to be able to retain and/or enhance their competitive advantage and also increase their sales and presence in the market.

Digilant Solutions helps organizations recognize and exploit the competitive significance of technological innovations for their enterprise software and business competence by providing experienced technology and techno-functional resources in multiple industries. Digilant Solutions offers Business Solutions and Professional Services in BFSI, Healthcare, and General Industries.

The world of technological possibilities expands dramatically when you have ready access to seasoned professional IT skills. From adopting new technology to troubleshooting and tuning, from application development and systems integration, to e-business transformations… Our IT consultants can supplement your IT department or can staff your most important technology projects as an extended arm of your team…

Digilant provides professional Services to organizations in multitude of technical areas. Digilant consultants are high performance contract and permanent staff by bringing in process oriented approach coupled with latest technology.

The Business Analytics is the art and science of turning the invisible into the visible. It’s about finding “unknown unknowns,” and learning at least something about them. It’s about detecting opportunities and threats you hadn’t anticipated, or finding people you didn’t know existed who could be your next customers. It’s about learning what’s really important, rather than what you thought was important.

Achieving that kind of visibility requires a mix of techniques. Some of these are new, while others aren’t. Some are clearly in the realm of data science because they make possible more iterative and precise analysis of large, mixed data sets. Others, like visualization...

Data is exploding in volume, variety and velocity all around, yet many organizations are struggling to take advantage of it. Data does not have to be too big or too complex to analyze.

Big Data is the Biggest game changing opportunity for sales and marketing after internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago.

Big data helps businesses manage and use information from multiple sources. Many organizations are investing in information assets that require...

The use of Smart phones and Tablets has become common among consumers who are also working in organizations. Mobile technology is a new platform on which organizations can deploy applications and tools for a wide array of business needs.

More than 70% of the organizations are not able to meet their mobile business needs today as they lack the skills and resources to adopt mobile technology.
The debate on whether to use native applications and tools or operate across a web browser environment still looms but native apps are...

Cloud computing is an innovative technology and is slowly becoming a standard method that can be easily accessed and leveraged as part of the portfolio of computing options. These faster methods to onboard applications have become easy and in most cases require little IT involvement. But beyond the simplicity for business and potential chaos for IT to eventually govern and support, the cloud computing environment is now a viable platform for IT to leverage in a multitude of methods, from IT infrastructure to developing and operating applications.

The cloud computing environment can be used as a central point for integrating data and storing it for the enterprise or for customers and suppliers,

The revolution in social media has expanded into business, bringing with it social collaboration and helping business processes by connecting people to achieve goals personally, departmentally or across an organization. Although this new technology was ranked as very important technology, very few organizations are confident in their ability to use the technology well.

Most organizations are still using shared folders and documents and it is no surprise that part of the issue is related to technology. Early adopters are evaluating new methods such as wall posting, social recognition, earning badges and awards and broadcast or Twitter-like capabilities.