Business and Social Collaboration

The revolution in social media has expanded into business, bringing with it social collaboration and helping business processes by connecting people to achieve goals personally, departmentally or across an organization. Although this new technology was ranked as very important technology, very few organizations are confident in their ability to use the technology well.

Most organizations are still using shared folders and documents and it is no surprise that part of the issue is related to technology. Early adopters are evaluating new methods such as wall posting, social recognition, earning badges and awards and broadcast or Twitter-like capabilities. Using social collaboration with business analytics is a growing trend and organizations need to assess their technologies to see if they meet this need. The Social collaboration will help bridge generational divides between workers as it becomes more easily accessible through web and mobile technologies, allowing managers and workers to engage anytime or anyplace.

Digilant offers business solutions and professional services in business and social collaboration to help organizations reap benefits of this new revolution.