Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an innovative technology and is slowly becoming a standard method that can be easily accessed and leveraged as part of the portfolio of computing options. These faster methods to onboard applications have become easy and in most cases require little IT involvement. But beyond the simplicity for business and potential chaos for IT to eventually govern and support, the cloud computing environment is now a viable platform for IT to leverage in a multitude of methods, from IT infrastructure to developing and operating applications.

The cloud computing environment can be used as a central point for integrating data and storing it for the enterprise or for customers and suppliers, but most organizations have not automated the integration of data to support business processes or business analytics and decision support. The lack of automation has increased concerns for data security, which majority of the organizations find to be major concern.

Digilant offers solutions and professional services to help organization analyze the suitability of cloud for their existing IT environment and help migrate to cloud.