Our Approach

Screening process

Once the candidates are shortlisted as per job description given by the client, we use an Industry Standard online technical assessment platform to verify the technical credentials of the candidates before they are presented to the client. These technical assessment are customized for each client positions.

We also have an online video recording platform wherein we can record the video interview ( typically 4-5 minutes) of the candidates online for the selected 3-4 Technical and HR questions sent by the client. The client can view these videos online and get to know how candidates have answered to questions and also judge their communication skills.  This can save a lot of time for the clients.

We share the technical assessment report along with the video profile of the candidate and the other necessary details for further processing by the client.

Saving Time And Costs While Avoiding Risks: You won’t need to spend time finding new expert technical skills or be saddled with the cost of hiring additional full-time staff. Just contract for the skill you need, for the time you need it. You can count on our experienced, quality IT professionals to get the job done timely and successfully.

“ Digilant Solutions is amongst our most preferred vendors and we are extremely happy with their output. They have been able to focus on our high-end requirements and submit us excellenct resumes with all the details and their own feedback which helped us optimize our recruitment process and get the right resources faster, We are extremely happy with Digilant team and their screening approach.”

India Head, a leading US Healthcare Technology Company