Why Digilant

Digilant founders have deep understanding and experience of running business and delivering solutions. Our team has excellent Understanding of HR practices and Recruitment Challenges. We understand the pain points involved in staffing and recruitment process. We have very good knowledge of multiple technologies and the latest trends

  • We have well-trained recruiters to headhunt Profiles & don’t rely solely only on job portals
  • We have a huge database of active Profiles
  • Turnaround time for sourcing profiles is 4 hours to 2 days, depending up on the Requirement
  • Industry proven model for better short listing of candidates

Database :

  • Digilant’s database
  • Headhunting
  • Advertisements
  • Referrals
  • Database access to all leadings job portals

Digilant delivery team

Digilant delivery team is organized in a way to take a scientific approach to the talent acquisition process. Its important that we understand the client requirements in depth and also understand the client culture, the job content, career path for the new employees etc. Also it is important to understand the potential candidates, their expectations, their priorities, their aspirations and be able to find the best matching position with the clients. Our delivery team consists of recruitment specialists, technical assessment team, recruitment research analyst and sales consultants who form the core of the delivery team.

  • Business Analyst / Sales Consultants: A strong understanding of multiple industries and clients. Ability to understand the client requirements and their pain points. Ability to advise / guide on the proper route to handle manpower challenges.
  • Recruitment Specialist : Strong educational background. Mostly BE in Computer Science / MBA who understand technology and the technology trends with 2 to 7 years of experience in recruitment. Gain confidence of the candidate and understand their preference to better match their expectations.
  • Technical Assessment Team : Strong technology background to assess the candidates using our online technical assessment platform and also create video profile of the candidates with select questions. Also gauge the candidates based on active participation in professional networks, references, testimonials, trainings, certifications, blogs, social sites etc
  • Recruitment Research Analyst : Conduct research to understand the client job position, job role and deploy multiple headhunting strategy to find the suitable resources matching the position.

Training :

Digilant has a strong in-house training culture to better the performance of our delivery teams in multiple areas. We conduct in-house training in the following areas –

  • Technology trends - Recruiters are trained to understand different technologies and tools which can help them in better short-listing of the candidates to match client requirements
  • Candidate screening - Recruiters are trained to understand candidate expectations about job, salary, location, career growth etc to better match them with the client requirements
  • Candidate Social Media Profile – Research the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to understand the candidate’s professional network, testimonials, blogs and other social media websites to gather more professional information about the candidate which can help in better matching the candidate with the client position.

Digilant Resources:

Dynamic, Skilled Resources: We are a community of technology experts. Our consultants have excellent professional education and in-depth experience and we add to our technical repertoire everyday.

But that’s not all. We have strong people skills to - We listen to your needs, answer all your questions and concerns and take you from the beginning to the end of each assignment professionally and reliably.

Available In Short Time: Our strong recruitment infrastructure has access to a broad range of high-quality technical resources. In addition, our excellent reputation, positive philosophy and dynamic technical culture enable us to continually attract talented IT professionals. That means you can count on us to have the technical resources you need, when you need them.

Track Record Of Excellence: We have experience of providing IT consulting professionals to major international and national firms. We have experience of successful project delivery which has resulted in repeat business. Word of mouth and referrals are responsible for most of our new business. Many premier companies retain our services through long-term relationships.

Guaranteed Expertise: Through our hiring standards, candidate screening techniques and training capabilities, we select only the best quality IT consultants. And we ensure your satisfaction through careful matching your need with consultant skills.